I had a dream of a paradise on earth in the middle of the South Pacific.
a place of peace in a 100 % natural symphony.

I built this unlikely dream as a gift to you :
In 1999, initiating the Tahitian Spa wave, I created Hélène Spa©, the very first Spa in Polynesia, nestled in the InterContinental Resort  tropical park, in Moorea, Tahiti sister island.
As you enter in the heart of our tropical garden, in our private care spaces, awake a range of forgotten emotions.
In this magical place, discover the natural alchemy between ancestral Polynesian traditions and French savoir-faire.

I gathered, for you, the holistic knowledge that "Tahuas", Polynesian wise healers, wanted to share with me and that I transmit now with all its integrity.

Hélène'Spa is a temple dedicated to sweet living in our secluded islands where lies a serenity as in most beautiful Paul Gauguin paintings.  

By yourself or in couple, taste the pleasures of the primary paradise in our authentic Tahitian Spa.
The international press as well as specialized guides are full of praise for Hélène Spa© and recognize it as the Tahitian Spa© one and only reference. They often quote it as one of the most beautiful Spas in the world

                             A dream come true...